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Vom Anselm

DOB: 07/26/2011
Elbows: Normal 
Cardiac: Pending
Eyes: pending

Chan Von Neunkircher Schloss x Cinderella Vom Hoch Klasse











Show Critiques


Judge Edgar Hellman (ADRK) Feb 24, 2013
18-24 month females
Female, 18 months old, large, sporty, good bone strength, very good head, dark brown eyes, medium stop, good mouth pigment, normal chest, straight front, when standing straight topline, medium strong rear, very good muscle, good angulation, excellent coat and color, Free and fluid movement, scissor bite.

Judge Werner Walter (ADRK) Feb 23, 2013
18-24 month females

Medium size, medium strength of bones, strong head, medium cheek bones, dark brown eyes, medium size ears, could be carried closer to head, chest well developed, straight front, straight back, good muscular rear with correct angulations, normal movement, correct coat and color, scissor bite.

Judge Yvonne Brink (FCI Sweden) Feb 09, 2013
18-24 month females

Feminine head, well set ears, dark brown eyes, good muzzle in under jaw, could have a little more fore chest, good croup, medium size bones, enough angulation in her back, moves with a good length in the back, stiff in elbows, good coat and color.

Judge Christian Bernbacher (FCI) October 20, 2013
12-18 month females

14 months, medim sized, compact type, very good head, medium stop, correct muzzle, correct ears, dark eyes, medium mouth pigment, short back, forehand and backhand are straight, medium angulations, correct chest, excellent coat with red brown markings, free movement.

Judge Nebojsa Savicic (FCI) October 6, 2013
12-18 month females

13 months old, correct anatomy, correct head, good temperment, good angulations, correct movement