Vom Anselm Kennels


Just the Thing

DOB: 04/05/2008
Serbian Import

FCI JR717925RW




2x's PRM, 4x's CAC, 2x's R.CACIB, BOB, BIS,
Vice-Balkansieger '09 V-2, ARKS '09 V-2, SP ROTT.'10 V-3
NRK-RKNA '12 Open Male V-5, MARK-AIRK '12 Gebrauchshund Male V-2
SWRK-RKNA '12 Working Male V-1, SARK- AIRK '13'Working Male V-1, SARK-AIRK '14 Gebrauchshund Male V-3, SFRK-RKNA (Breed Show) '14 Working Class Male V-1, SFRK-RKNA (Spring Sieger) '14 Working Class Male V-1, ECRK '14 Working Class Male V-2

BH, IPO-1: Scores {(246)-77,81,88}

Sire: "Brut" Wonderful Wizard
 Dam: "Ella" Just the Thing

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The last 3 Photo's above used with permission: © Shelly Timmerman / SHELLSHOTS.com







Show Titles:

Balkan Sieger 12-18 V2
Vizebalkanjugend Sieger "Judge R. Stojadinovic "

ARKS Sieger 12-18 V2
Vizeserbianklubjugend Sieger  "Judge Uwe Peterman"

Paracin Sieger 18-24 V3
"Judge Bianka Miksic Kasum"

CACIB Leskovac 9-18 V1
Junior BIS, "Judge M. Marcic"

CACIB Prokuplje 9-18 V2
"Judge M. Zivancevic"

"Judge M.Marcic"

Judge Catherine Thompson (AKC) March 16, 2014
Working Class Males

5 years old, large male good in proportion proper leg length, strong masculine head, correct and set and carry ears, dark correctly shape eyes, strong muscle and jaw, more fill under eye needed, scissors bite full in dentation, correct mouth pigment, good body strength, sufficient bones, good pasters feed, good front assembly, correct top and bottom, coup slightly back, too much rear angulation, needs more strength to the thighs, coat in color correct, left rear twist going away, clean coming toward us, free off the side, over reaches, top line full level tail length correct

Judge Anton Spindler (ADRK) March 9, 2014
Class Males

Scissor bite, brown mouth pigmentation, medium in size, strong in substance, alert, dark eyes, strong head, high set ears, deep broad chest, short broad back, excellent angulated at front and rear end, correct muscle at rear end, short coat, brown markings. Fluent, space-winning movement.

Judge Miomar Marcic (FCI) March 8, 2014
Working Class Males

Medium size, very well-built, good substance, very well-formed head, medium-size ears correctly carried and positioned, good stop, dark brown eyes, mouth pigmentation is mostly dark with pink spots, correct front, open elbows, short and compact, good angulations, nice coat, good markings, tail carried hanging. Very goo movement.

Judge Mick Svaljek (FCI) February 8, 2014
Gebrachshund Male

5 years old, medium in size, calm and attentive, strong male head with excellent expression, small ears placed correctly, excellent stop beautiful dark brown eyes, steep in pasterns, very good top and under line, correct set and carried tail, good front with very good rear angle, correct coat with very good rear angle, excellent working conditions, well sprung ribs, majestic, free flowing movement, closed in rear.

Judge Werner Walter (ADRK) February 24, 2013
Working Class Males

Male, large, medium bones, strong head, dark brown eyes, small ears, could be closer to head, dark pigment, strong neck, chest very well developed, elbows not close to the body, front feet are close together when standing, straight topline, good muscular rear, correct angulations, correct coat and color, very good movement, scissor bite.

Judge Edgar Hellman (ADRK) February 23, 2013
Working Class Males

Male, 4years old, medium size, correct built, correct substance, strong type head, small ears,
dark brown eyes, well defined stop, wrinkles on muzzle, gums and lips mostly dark, correct chest, a little steep in pasterns, when standing nice topline and underline, muscular rear, very good angulation, excellent coat and color. Very good movement

 Judge Yvonne Brink (FCI-Sweden) February 9, 2013
Working Class Males

Tempermentful, nicely built head, good proportion between skull and muzzle, excellent color of the eyes with good shape, very good ears, could have a little more outfill under the eyes, very good underjaw and pigmentation, very good croup, a little stiff in the upper arms, a little flat feet, moves excellent but could be stronger in elbows and hooks, very good coat and color.

Judge Christian Bernbacher (FCI) October 21, 2012
Working Class Males

Medium size, compact type, alert, excellent head, eyes and mouth pigment dark, strong stop, short and strong muzzle, correct ears, medium bones, very good chest, excellent topline and croup, short back, excellent angulations, forehand and backhand are straight, correct coat and excellent movement

Judge Nenojsa Savicic (FCI) October 6, 2012
Gebrauchshund Male

Medium strong, medium size, very nice head, good pigmentation, good position of ears, correct in front, strong neck, good topline, good angulation, very good movement

Judge Helmut Weiler (ADRK) April 1, 2012
Working Male

Medium size, strong bones and head, small ears, very good stop, normal cheek bones, short strong muzzle, muzzle with wrinkles, dark mouth, short strong neck with a little loose skin, very good chest, very good angulated, strong coat, on the neck its a little wavy, correct croup, tail correctly carried, light brown markings, free movement.

Judge Fernando Lucas Martins (FCI) March 18, 2012
Open Class Males

3.5 years old, medium size, correct and complete scissor bite, very good substance, very good bones, very good head, medium brown eyes to dark, dark mouth pigmentation, very good stop, correct ears, strong neck, loose skin, very well developed chest, correct front, very good topline bottom line, very good angulations front and rear, strong legs, very good coat, very good color markings well defined, very good topline in movement, very good reach and driving