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Show Titles

ECRK 1st place 12-18 males-March 15, 2014

SFRK-RKNA 2nd place 12-18 males-March 9, 2014

SFRK-RKNA 1st place 12-18 males-March 8, 2014

Judge Catherine Thompson (AKC) March 15, 2014 12-18 month males

Very larg strong male. Good Body proportion. Good leg length. Strong masculine head. Correct set and carried eats. Dark almond eyes. Strong muzzle and jaw. Scissors bite, full dentition. Mouth pigment dark. Lower right eyelid somewhat swollen this morning. Somewhat straight front. Very good bone strength and body strength. Correct top and bottom lines. Very good rear. Could have more width to the thigh for size. Correct croup and tail set. Strong coat, very good color. Clean coming and going. Strong drive. Balanced and efficient. Top line is firm but could be more level.

Judge Anton Spindler (ADRK) March 9, 2014 12-18 month males

Scissor bite, dark brown mouth pigmentation, medium, very good substance, alert, dark eyes, broad skull, small ears, straight front, short compact back, strong rear end, short coat, brown markings, very defined back. Free movement.

Judge Miomar Marcic (FCI) March 8, 2014 12-18 month males

S3 curved outward, medium to large, very good structure, good temperament, alert. strong head, medium-size ears carried correctly, good stop, strong and wide muzzle, wrinkled forehead, strong neck, excellent proportion of chest and fore chest, good front, elbows a little open, very good angulation, food topline and underline, strong rear legs well angulated, tail carried very well, healthy coat, in show condition, good markings, scissor bite. Not enough desire to move.

Judge Mick Svaljeck (FCI) February 8, 2014 12-18 month males

14 month old male, small to medium, very sporty, athletic type, attentive and alert, strong male head with very good expression, very good stoop with dark brown eyes, needs more fore chest, more muscle, clean neck line, good top line, round in croup, low set tail of good length, kink in vertebra, correct coat in excellent condition, arched tales, sufficient movement with difficult movement in reach and drive